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Al Ewing’s dark and supernatural epic about the Hulk comes to a close with this week’s 50th issue. The series starts following the supposed death of Bruce Banner, the Hulk’s normal self. Hulks don’t die so easily. This new “immortal” version finds himself on a journey that ties together the various gamma-radiated super entities and and after life. Critics praised Ewing’s take as a fresh take on Marvel’s jolly green giant, weaving in horror themes into the more traditional superhero story.

If you want to give the series a try, the early part is available in collected editions. You can also expect to see premium formats or a full omnibus of the whole series sometime soon.


This Week’s Issue



(W) Al Ewing (A) Joe Bennett


•  Down in the Below-Place, the Hulk searches among the ghosts of the past for the answers to all his questions.

•  The One Below All, the Green Door, Samuel Sterns, Jackie McGee and Bruce Banner. It’s all been leading here.

•  This is the last issue of THE IMMORTAL HULK.


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