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Writer Chip Zdarsky has made his name mostly at Marvel (DAREDEVIL, HOWARD THE DUCK, SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN) and on more indie books (SEX CRIMINALS), but he’s been dipping his toes over at DC lately. This new miniseries premiering this week, JUSTICE LEAGUE: LAST RIDE #1, is a full-on jump into the DC pool. Zdarsky teams with artist Miguel Mendonça to chronicle the end of the League itself. So, no big deal, right?

This series is a step out of continuity, so no worries about being current with the goings on in current DC books. Zdarsky has a talent for bringing heart and a bit of humor into characters in dark situations. The description for the first issue pits Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman as estranged and forced to come together to deal with a murder, which sounds like a great opportunity for Zdarsky to play to his strengths.


This Week’s Issue



(W) Chip Zdarsky (A) Miguel Mendonça

Once, the Justice League was the most powerful collection of superheroes in the universe. But an unthinkable tragedy within its ranks has caused Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman to go their separate ways, leaving the League broken and disbanded under a veil of anger and mistrust. Now, against the backdrop of the universe’s greatest murder trial, can the League reconcile the past before they’re eradicated by the greatest villains in the cosmos?

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