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We’re closing in on a decade of webslinging with Miles Morales. The character has broken out as a fan favorite and great addition to the Spidey family by putting his own spin on the Spider-Man job. That said, it’s comics and there’s always a rhythm that gets repeated when it comes to legacy mantles. The “Spider-Man” title seems no exception, and this time that means clones!

The original CLONE SAGA maligned much of Peter Parker’s life in the ‘90s, as well as fans who didn’t take kindly to the convoluted storyline and attempted replacement of its main character with the not-clone-clone Ben Reilly. Like I said, convoluted. That said, nostalgia has helped out the multi-year arc with Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider also proving to be a fan favorite.

This time looks to be much more promising. Instead of multiple books and creative teams shifting through the years on an ever-changing arc, we have one focused set with Miles’ long-time lead writer Saladin Ahmed leading the charge in this extra-large anniversary 25th issue. Ahmed has set up some great ground work in the last 24 issues. Let’s see how it pays off.

This Week’s Issue



(W) Saladin Ahmed, Cody Ziglar (A) Carmen Nunez Carnero, Daniel Acuna


•  We finally see the full extent of what the Assessor did when he kidnapped Miles back in #7.

•  This oversized anniversary issue lets the clones loose in Brooklyn and messes with Miles life even more than Peter Parker’s Clone Saga messed HIS life up.

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