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Happy Covid Holidays! Here we are again that time of year where we exchange gifts to loved ones and we celebrate the season of giving. However, it is very different this time with a global pandemic roaming around. Many of us have spent the last 10 months, secluded away just longing for a sense of pre covid normalcy. Alas as cases rise we are now seeing an altered holiday season reality.  The gifts below should be perfect for this year’s holiday season, they are meant to provide relaxation, fun, cleanliness and more to get through this dark winter.  These are purely my suggestions and I hope you like them.

Bookshelf Board Games

Quarantine your household and enjoy some classic games in a smaller cute way. While staying in with close family, to entertain us we have really honed in on the power of gaming. It is fun, relaxing, and at times aggravating; but in an enjoyable way.  Through browsing the internet I stumbled across book size classic board games; such as Candyland, Clue, Monopoly.  They look just like a book but open up to be a functional board game.  You can find these games through the store Anthropology for $40 dollars or on Amazon for $99.95. Not only are they easily storable but they provide an esthetic look for any bookshelf.

Kiseer Portable Soap Sheets

While the pandemic rages on, one of the most important things you can do is WASH YOUR HANDS!  Kill the germs with travel soap sheets. As an abundant traveler, it is really annoying to go into a public restroom and touch an empty soap dispenser and/or unsanitary faucet.  This item can reduce your contact with objects in public places.  I like to compare these to Listerine strips, the travel pockets come with 10 soap sheets and are easy to pack.  You can find these on Amazon for $10, and it comes with 4 pockets each with 10 sheets of soap.  Each sheet is the exact amount of soap needed to get a nice full wash.

Three- Wick Candle Bath And Body Works

Relax yourself with aromas of scented candles.  I have used these for years and personally love the Black-Tie fragrance. For just $14.50, there are 48 scents to select from on the Bath and Body Works website. These candles last a good while and provide such pleasing and soothing environment. So, while the stresses may be high during this year, treat yourself to some small relaxation. Candles to me have not only provided a smell good, but have relaxed the inner pyro in my soul. The ambiance nature of these candles is perfect for any room in your home. Bath and Body Works are constantly running great promotions and they ship directly to your home, the scents transcend across each product, so you can get matching scents in their hand sanitizers, soaps, and wallflowers.

Tushy Bidet Attachment

Covid brought one of the most outrageous product shortages we have seen in a while, the coveted toilet paper. That’s right, the Charmin bears were not on our shelves, and we lost the cushion for our tusking. No worries though, a water spritz can fix the dirty bum right up. Tuohy makes a bidet attachment that fits right on your toilet and will make the booty spick and span. If you have never used a bidet it may be a little weird at first, but I promise it does the trick as far as cleaning.  The attachment is simple to install but make sure of your toilet measurements before you purchase. You can grab this attachment for just, $89 and choose from 10 different colors. Be prepared for a new pep in your step.

Chili Crunch

Come one come all…in your household, to the kitchen. If you are like me you have definitely put on some quarantine pounds. Food has been an outlet of comfort to get through the daily news and life of 2020. Spice up your taste buds this holiday with Chili Crunch from Momofuku. A twist on the classic Chinese chili paste, this combines the texture and spices of Mexican Salsa. It is a popular item on the site and runs just at $10.  Not to mention, its gluten free and vegan. A great gift for a foodie like myself.  I have not personally tried this but its right up my wheelhouse, the reviews have been nothing but good and thus clicked right into my cart.

This will definitely be a quite different holiday season. All the items listed above are available to order online and can be shipped to those you care about or even to treat yourself.  Not only practical in uses, but also for your pocketbook, these items will help during this pandemic.  I have ordered a few of these items for myself and have used majority. As always lets us remember the greatest gift you can give, especially this year is yourself: stay healthy, stay positive, be supportive, and until next years, Happy Holidays from the CultureSmash cast and I.