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It is time once again for our annual holiday gift “getting” guides! We list a bunch of things we want for the holidays and hope they will make great ideas for gifts you can grab for family and friends, or just get ’em for yourself!

Niko’s Picks!

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Launch Edition – PlayStation 5 ($69.99)

The PS4 Spider-Man game is hands down one of the best superhero games ever created. The story and acting are top-notch, with a new spin on the classic web-slinger. The gameplay and action are thrilling and fun to play. And now with a new console launch, you can get even more with the Miles Morales spin-off. The specific “Ultimate Launch Edition” for the PS5 also includes the remastered version of the original game, so you can experience it all at once. If you’re holding off on upgrading your system, fear not. Miles Morales is available without the remaster on PS4.


D&D Beyond – Master Tier Subscription ($5.99/mo or $54.99/yr)

This year has obviously made gathering in person for a good old-fashioned D&D game particularly difficult. There are a ton of programs for virtual tabletops and chats to help us keep in touch, but what about all the actual D&D materials? The books? Character sheets? Even dice? D&D Beyond is a digital character creation tool and marketplace. You can make basic characters for free, and you can buy official D&D source books for even more options, just like physical copies. However you can go a step farther as a dungeon master with their Master Tier subscription program. That lets you share any of your content with your players, any books you already have. You can see their characters to help them out or check their work. You can even build encounters and roll dice right in the system. The subscription with books can be a hefty price, but it’s a fantastic resource.


Lego – 1989 Batwing ($199.99)

The ‘89 Tim Burton Batman film holds a special place in my heart. The design of the Dark Knight and all of his vehicles are iconic. That’s especially true for his jet – the Batwing – as it flies in the sky and pauses in front of the moon to replicate the Bat logo. And now you can build it! Sure it’s pricey at $200, but it’s an intricate design that will be fun to build and bring pride as you display your hand-built creation in your personal Batcave.


Daredevil by Chip Zdarsky Vol. 1 ($34.99)

Miss the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen now that the Netflix show is over and done? Good news is that now is a great time to get into the comics. Writer Chip Zdarsky is currently a couple of dozen issues into a phenomenal run where Matt Murdock wrestles with being a superhero while the Kingpin struggles with his new public role out of crime. It’s got that gritty feel that television fans will recognize and enjoy. Check out the beginning of the run with this hardback collection of the first 10 issues.

Sock it to Me – Sock Subscription ($22/mo for 1 month to $18.33/mo for 12 months)

I love weird and geeky socks. So much of my sock collection is from Sock it to Me. I’ve got space socks, alien socks, comic effect socks, sasquatch socks, and more. While you can cherry pick which socks you want from their website (sockittome.com), you can also subscribe and get two new pairs of socks each month! They have different subscription lengths, from a month to a year. Once the subscription period is over, they won’t renew automatically, giving you the choice to continue if you wish. Two new weird pairs of socks each month! And if you don’t need that many socks, just choose the ones you want and buy à la carte instead.