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You may know Mondo as the design company responsible for some of the most beautiful pop culture artwork out there including movie posters, physicla media boxart, and much more. What you may not know is the company takes some of their best artwork and brings it to good ol’ classic jigsaw puzzles.

Mondo offers a huge variety of artwork on their high quality pzzles from Jurassic Park, Alien, and our sample, the MCU. Puzzle design isn’t as premium as you may expect, but it is above average in quality and the artwork is across the board incredible.

Keeping the level of quality to a reasonable grade also helps keep the pricing reasonable. Puzzles are generally $20 and can be grabbed from amazon or right from Mondo. Now, that’s not to say that the build is cheap. Puzzles and packaging are definitely well built with the packaging being nice cardboard and focused on the beautiful art. If you need a time killer now, like so many of us do, you can’t go wrong with these puzzles.

We are still assembling the Ten Years of MCU puzzle and it’s a great distraction when we aren’t literally watching an MCU film.

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