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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to film after his run as the Governator has been rocky at best. It’s not all his fault, films have changed since he was in the $20 million club. He’s not the only action star struggling to find success in modern film. Bruce Willis has been going through similar struggles. Tom Cruise has seemingly found the right niche doing a mix of sci-fi action and slightly brainier spy films.

Many people may have forgotten that Arnie has done a number of comedies throughout his career, and some of them are pretty great. Twins is probably his most known comedy but Jingle All the Way has its moments and both true Lies and Kindergarten Cop feature quite a bit of humor. This new film titled Killing Gunther goes full on comedy in a mockumentary style most famously used recently by The Office TV series. The film tells the story of a bumbling group of assassins determined to make their names by killing the best of the best, Schwarzenegger’s Gunther. The only other widely recognizable name in the film is geek favorite Colby Smoulders.

The film comes from first time writer/director Taran Killam who has done a lot more acting than actual movie-making, which is scary. In this trailer Schwarzenegger looks great and appears to be having a lot of fun. It’s everyone else that are of concern. If they can’t stand up to his charisma and the story isn’t there, this will be a mess. I’m hopeful though, because Schwarzenegger does look like a lot of fun here.