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Microsoft’s big launch announcement as part of this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo was the XBOX One X. For the last year it has been known as Project Scorpio. The new system runs every game in full 4K with HDR, It also features a $K UHD disc player, which is great news. For a while it was unclear if the system would have a physical media player. The system launches November 7th at $499. Interestingly, Microsoft is creating a family of systems with the XBOX One X and the XBOX ONE S, which is currently available. The XBOX ONE S is essentially an optimized XBOX ONE with a 4K disc player. New games hitting stores later this year and for the foreseeable future will play on both systems. The difference is that they will play in 4K, and possibly with better frame-rates and maybe as yet unannounced differences on the premium XBOX ONE X versus the budget friendly XBOX ONE S. This is exciting news for those that have not yet purchased a 4K TV or that just can’t afford the steep $500 price tag. They can still place the new games with a reduced feature set. MS also announced that the XBOX ONE S has been price reduced to $249! A great deal for the 4K player alone!

At the conference the company announced, and previewed over 40 games with over 20 of them being exclusives. This conference was nothing but games. Take a look at the full conference right here!