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Matthew McConaughey had taken a little break from acting because he was being type cast in romantic comedies. He returned to film in 2011 as gray area lawyer Mick Haller in The Lincoln Lawyer. While the film was well received critically garnering an 82% on Rotten Tomaties it just didn’t find a proper home in cinemas. The film has since been discovered by the masses on home video. Now the film has been given the 4K treatment. We don’t know if the 4K transfer is taken from a 4K source but we do know it’s HDR ready. We are also getting a Dolby Atmos audio treatment.

All of the original special features are also along for the ride too. This release will also include a blu-ray and digital copies of the film. All of the original supplements from the previous DVD release are also included. We’ll get you more information if we get a look at the 4k disc. Get your copy on August 15!