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A Masters of the Universe film has been gestating at Sony for quite some time. Early last year Charlie’s Angels director McG was attached the project. Well MCG has moved on but it isn’t stopping Sony. They are on the search for a new director and they’ve picked up a date previously blocked off by Disney for Star Wars movies. The films is planned to hit theaters December 18th 2019. Disney has previously announced the final film in this latest Star Wars trilogy will hit theaters Memorial Day weekend 2019.

Masters of the Universe was first a successful toy line from Mattel in the 80’s followed by an equally successful cartoon series. A feature film, a terrible feature film, starring Dolph Lundgren hit cinemas in 1987. This newest version of He-Man and his merry band is to be written by successful comicbook to film writer David S. Goyer (Blade, Dark Knight trilogy). Is there literally any possible way that this film could turn out gtood?