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So the Star Wars The Last Jedi teaser trailer came out during last weekend’s Star Wars Celebration in Orlando. Since the franchise has been reborn we’ve come to expect major announcements, clips, trailers, and more to be shared with the world during this Lucasfilm sponsored convention. Now that I’ve soaked it in for a few days here are some thoughts.

First of all, all of the backlash on the social media nets is just dumb. There’s no way that this trailer could live up to the trailer for The Force awakens. We had years of hope and anticipation laid on the shoulders of that first trailer and the film that followed. Well now, we have two films in the continuing Star Wars Universe. while anticipation is of course hoigh, that newness, that unknown entity that was this new creative team, is now old hat. So, stop being a bunch of babies interwebs. Thee scenes feel like scenes ripped from a great Star Wars film, which is what we all want.

Now, that said, the marketing leading up to this film has felt stale and this “trailer” just feels like a rushed montage of clips rather than a real tease. Are Disney and Lucasfilm just resting on their laurels at this point? It kind of feels like they are. These guys need to make sure everything is on point from script to screen and from marketing concepts to reality. While Star Wars has a loyal fan base, the internet has even made them a fickle bunch.