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When Ben Affleck dawned the cape and cowl as the new Dark Knight the possibilities seemed endless. Affleck is a solid actor, a great director, and a good writer that is a real fan of the comic book universe. In the months since Batman vs. Superman Batffleck has seemed to at best be disenchanted with the franchise and at worst distancing himself from the franchise. Recently he conveyed concerns about being able to direct, co-write, and portray the character. So, he stepped away from the directing position.

Now Warner Brothers have officially announced that Matt Reeves, the director of Cloverfield and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, will now direct the movie.They oddly mentioned nothing about the script. DC Comics guru Geoff Johns and Ben affleck wrote a draft that was supposed to be re-written. The whole thing still seems to be messy. Unfortunately Reeves feels like a utilitarian choice. He knows special fx and big budgets but he doesn’t really have a notable style that will bring something new visually or story wise to the franchise.

It would not be a shock to see Affleck step away from the disastrous DCU ASAP.