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What happens when you bring together some of the most talented female creatives working in horror today? A fantastic looking anthology film that’s what! We’ve been following the development of “XX” on social media for quite sometime and finally we have a trailer and it does not disappoint. The horror genre needs a shot in the arm and these directors may be the ones to do it! Roxanne Benjamin is a talented filmmaker we know form the Nashville area that has done great work as a producer on the VHS franchise as well as directing an installment in the Southbound anthology. Jovanka Vuckovic is a mainstay in the horror world having done great work for Rue Morgue magazine and directed a number of short films. We met her a few years ago doing interviews for Con Trek, a doc/magazine series we produced for Microsoft. We were blown away by how cool she was and her extensive knowledge of all things horror. Karyn Kusama has probably done the most widely known film with Jennifer’s Body, a horror film starring Megan Fox. We recommend her recent film The Invitation, now on Netflix. She also directed Aeon Flux and quite a bit of TV. St. Vincent is newest to directing having previously worked in film providing music for an installment in the Twilight series.

The trailer provides hints at what we can expect from each installment in this anthology and it all looks like a load of horror fun! The film will be available in theaters and various means of streaming on February 17th!