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It’s a little bit eclectic for a holiday buying guide but you really shouldn’t expect anything different from me. No one can complain about a lack of variety though! No good gift list is complete without a star Wars gadget, toy, clothing, or something otherwise bearing that brand. take a look below:

Nike Hyperadapt 1.0

So we don’t have flying cars, there is no base on the moon, and every home isn’t powered by its own nuclear reactor, but we do have self-tying shoes. Even if they aren’t the cool high tops Marty Mcfly rocked in Back to the Future II. Now I can’t give you a link for this one as they are only available in Nike Stores. You even have to make an appointment to try a pair, but they will be available after Thanksgiving. Right now the laces tighten when they sense your heel hitting the insole. You can manually adjust the tightness with a pair of buttons on the side. Nike hopes to make the shoes truly adaptable adjusting the tension based on the wearers activities so eventually this might actually be useful technology and more than just one of the coolest gifts of the season.

Vintage Library Wall Mural

Since I was a little kid I’ve always wanted a traditional English library. A wood paneled room with walls lined with bookshelves full of leather bound hardbacks. Eventually I grew up and designated one room in my home as the library but a thousand multicolored paper backs on sagging particle board shelves just don’t really fit that image in my mind. Here’s the solution for me and for whoever is on your list that may be experiencing a similar problem. Fake it. One of these removable six foot by three wall murals will class up even the lowliest hovel. It maybe a little expensive but even at Goodwill prices it is cheaper than the real thing and when the recipient of this wonderful gift moves you won’t break your back schlepping boxes of heavy books around when they inevitably ask you for help.

Knight Rider KITT USB Car Charger

Yes, this is pure cheese, looks cheap and might short out and burn your, I mean the recipient’s, car down, but look at it. It’s the coolest automotive accessory since air conditioning. It lights up, talks to you and instantly transforms your car into a black ’82 Firebird. Or at least that’s what it will do in your mind. Yes the USB ports are only 1 amp each and I know this is one of those things that will get old and annoying after a couple of months but just imagine the pure joy you’re going to feel I mean whoever you give this to will feel when he or she first plugs this thing in and hears KITT’s dulcet tones coming from his or her dashboard.

Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling Game

Know someone who daydreams about either defending the galaxy from the Sith menace or on the other hand yearns to knock those arrogant Jedi down a peg or too, but really shouldn’t be running around in homespun robes or wearing black capes and vaguely Teutonic helmets? Well here is the perfect gift. They can stick their thumb through one of the provided holes strap on a pint sized lightsaber and battle the forces of good or evil depending on their dispositions until the nerfs come home. And if they can’t find a sparring partner they can even battle themselves assuming they can get the lightsabers strapped to their thumbs when they are stuck through those holes.


What could be a cooler gift than something that is incredibly old and came from outer space? This tiny chuck of iron crashed into Argentina around four to five thousand years ago. That’s older than Aunt Edna’s fruitcake that your relatives have been regifting for the last couple of decades. This thing comes with a certificate of authenticity and tiny little display case to house it if whoever receives it is into that type of thing. I think I would just carry it around in my pocket to fondle whenever life gets to be just a little unbearably mundane.