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Happy Holidays everybody! Another year down and can you believe it, the Christmas sea-son is upon us. It is time for our annual gift guides, and while my counterparts have such amaz-ing gift ideas, my gift selections are sure to give you some things that are a little outside the norm and practical to many aspects of your life. Of course the best gift of all is the the joy of friendship and family, but here are some extra items to add to the enjoyment of the season.

Simply Fit Board
For those of you fitness inclined or like me who always attempt to be fitness inclined, I have discovered this new product, The Simply Fit Board. Basically it is a balance board that was fea-tured on NBC’s popular show Shark Tank. This board is a simple piece of workout equipment that comes in a variety of colors. Specifically meant to improve your balance, tone your legs, and tone your abs; this product is intended to be used by everyone. If you order from the products website you get a complimentary workout DVD as well as the ability to order assisting products such as a work out matt and specific core workout instructional videos. Easy and fun to use this board will twist you into a lean and mean machine. You can check out the Simply Fit Board at simplyfitboard.com.

1byone Belt- Drive 3- Speed Stereo Turnable
Music is incorporated in every aspect of our lives. We constantly have it playing on our phones, our tablets, and our car stereos; its one of the few things in life that will disappear unless the world was to end. This gift would be a great addition to your home, its a vinyl player/ turn-table that allows you to record to a mph format, so you can import music to your computer and other devices. Now I know you are thinking, who plays vinyls anymore? Actually many people, there has been a vintage resurgence in these great old world cd’s, plus the sound of the music on these players gives you a more concert type feel. You will experience an old, yet new experience in music. Currently amazon.com has this item for sale, this piece is a perfect addition to your home.

As a frequent traveler, I know the hassle of navigating a busy airport with a heavy piece of luggage. It is the headache of the century, especially when the airport has carpeted floors. With air travel on the rise, and our society growing with wanting more and more when we travel, pull-ing these carryon bags is just becoming more difficult. The Modobag, basically transforms your luggage into a mobile cart that you can ride with ease. It is the first and only motorized luggage o the market and can get you to your destination 3 times faster than if you were to walk. TSA and FAA approved, this bag is sure to improve your travel experience. Check out the website modobag.com for exclusive video and details that will sure convince you to buy for yourself, your friends, and your family.

Earlier this year, I did a product review of this item and it is just so good I had to add it to this holiday gift guide. The Loop is literally a plastic wheel, that keeps your earbuds or headset wires from getting tangled up. Built nearly unbreakable, The Loop gives you the fastest access to your earbuds and is easy to travel with. I have used my Loop everyday since receiving it, and have found it to be the most convent item I have used while on my daily flight adventures. Grooves along the outer rim of the wheel allow you to hold the wiring in place, so that your earbuds never loosen or untangle. You can find this item on amazon.com.

Lasko 30” Ceramic Heater
The power of warmth is a gift. There is no better feeling then being nice and toasty on a cold winters day. A was gifted with this heater and through personal experience I highly recommend, the Lasko Ceramic Heater. It can heat a standard room in minutes and has proven to cut down on the gas bill through the cold winter months. There are many space heater options out there but suggest this one because it is a stylish design with auto heat sensing that will automatically stop once desired temperature is reached, as well as stop when it becomes overheated, reducing risk of fire. This heater comes with a re-mote which makes it convenient to control from the comfort of your own bed or couch. Available in most retail stores, you can find this item easily on google.com

All of the items listed above would be perfect and practical gifts. They can be used by everyone. I have a personal experience with every one of these items, and testify that all have proven highly useful in my day to day life. Once again, Happy Holidays, and may the shopping be ever in your favor; as well as the person who is lucky to receive such wonderful gifts.