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Challenge Accepted. The other night at our weekly CultureSmash Podcast, I mentioned how I longed to work for a Disney Blog. Not because I don’t love my station here at CultureSmash or because I don’t love my fellow Smashers, but because I want ALL of the free Disney swag, and the free vacations to all of the best vacation spots. Can you imagine? Being paid to make videos and write reviews on the newest attractions in the Disney Parks or receiving the newest Disney gadget in the mail to review? That sounds like paradise to me. And so, my Christmas Wish List actually has another motive. This is me putting it out to the Universe (and the Disney Company) that I want to be “Part of That World.”

5. Disney Princess Inspired Clock, $15

The first one on my list is the only one on my list that is not an actual Disney branded product, but it’s still wonderful nonetheless. This is a circular wall clock is simple and elegant and perfect for ANY Disney-file in your life. The chrome edge frames the numberless clock. That’s right, numberless. Instead of numbers, you see what each princess would do on each number in the font style of the film, in which they are featured. For example, instead of “3,” we see “Ride a Magic Carpet” in the font style of Aladdin, for all of you Jasmine fans, or at 9 it’s “Look around the River Bend” in Pocahontas font. But my personal favorite touch is at midnight, it says, “Be home before midnight” in Cinderella font. A sweet little nod to Disney without the over the top ears or fairy dust.

Get it here!

4. Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved, XBox One, $9.99

This game has been out for a couple of years, but I had NO idea that there was one for XBox One. Meet Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved, a cross between Guitar Hero and Just Dance. I’m fascinated by this game as it is not only a competition game, but also a story game, where you must go through different levels in order to find out what happens next in the story. I’ve been watching videos of others playing the game and the graphics look wonderful, and the game does not look too tedious. In this game, you become the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and conduct by sweeping your arms about as if you are in charge of an entire orchestra. Eventually you can remix a song however you like and add your own drum beats, synthesizers, and even change the style if you like. Fun times.

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3. Poster Art of the Disney Parks Book, $29.26

I’ve been going to Disney World since I was a toddler. Needless to say, I adore vintage Disney World memorabilia. It makes me feel connected to the past and as if I’ve regained a bit of my childhood back. I also love collecting new Disney Memorabilia to keep for my own kids… or just for my selfish self! This 144 page book features everything from the first poster of a “Real-Life Adventure” with Jungle Cruise to the “Coming Soon” poster art for Cars Land in California Adventure. From my childhood favorite “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” to newly announced attraction Monsters Inc: Hide and Seek, this is a perfect addition to any coffee table!

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2. Large Pua Plush, $39.95 and Soundtrack from Moana, $14.19

This is a two part gift because you just can’t cuddle up with your new favorite Disney plush without the music to go along with it! Meet Pua, the “Softest Sow in the Pacific Islands,” and the FLUFFIEST new plush to add to your collection! I mean look at how big that thing is, and how happy that little girl looks. I want to be that happy. I want a Pua Plush! I haven’t seen the film yet, but I think this pig is so DANG CUTE! Now, to go along with your new fluff ball, you need the Moana soundtrack written by Tony Award Winner, Lin-Manuel Miranda, whom you all might know from a little musical that did pretty well this year, Hamilton. Seriously. How does one man make EVERY kid obsessed with our founding fathers? I’m already obsessed with Moana’s “I Wish” Song, entitled “How Far I’ll Go.” It’s a soaring and sweet song with a driving beat that makes me want to belt out and dance at the same time.

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…or here!

1. Haunted Mansion Dinner Wear, $371.80 for a full set for four people

By FAR my most decadent and expensive gift on my list, but CAN YOU IMAGINE?? Having a dinner party on Haunted Mansion plates? This is every Disney Parks Nerd’s dream! Just look at these elegantly spooky porcelain dinner plates, desert plate, and bowls monogramed with Master Gracy’s seal and the metallic flourish around the rim! They look exactly like they’re from the park! And PS, why hasn’t Disney made an actual sit down restaurant in Haunted Mansion feel? They could theme the food as spooky or haunted AND it could be the second place in Magic Kingdom, besides Beauty and the Beast’s “Be Our Guest” where you could get wine and beer, because LOOK! They have red and white wine glasses available as well monogrammed with Master Gracy’s seal. So… this might be more of something that über Disney nerds use in their wedding registration, but it’s totally worth it! Only downside, is there is no flatware to go along with this ghostly collection. Oh, and I demand that if you do have a Haunted Mansion party, you must dress for the occasion with PROPER haunting music.