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Played on a GTX 970 GPU
Intel i7-4790kCPU
8gb Ram
64-bit OS
Played with both Controller and Keyboard and Mouse

DOOM 2016 developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks is a reboot/re-imagining of the game that almost anyone has played on their computers when shareware and the internet were just starting to gain traction. DOOM 2016 features a roughly 8-10 hour long campaign as well as a multiplayer mode with the SnapMap mode. The multiplayer mode and SnapMap are here, mainly feeling as a way to sell a season pass as nearly every game seems to have one. If DOOM 2016 were to follow the standard fare of most modern shooters the multiplayer would be where they put more time and effort, however, similar to Wolfenstein: The New Order, also published by Bethesda Softworks, the meat of this game is in the single player portion.


The story of DOOM 2016 is not the main reason to be invested in this game. It’s serviceable at it’s best. The sequences that break up the action are there for the sole purpose of giving you a little bit of downtime from the fast paced run n’ gun gameplay that the DOOM series is known for. To summarize the story, Hell has an energy source that is beneficial for the human race, things go wrong and a demonic invasion is unleashed upon your research facility on Mars. It is your role as the no-name Marine to stop this invasion. The first minute of the game opens with you waking up out of a stone tomb in a laboratory and crushing the head of a possessed scientist. It starts off fairly strong from a narrative and gameplay point. You are instantly in the thick of it shooting and blasting demons apart in minutes. Thankfully the story is the only part that drags on over time.



The gameplay in DOOM is fast, brutal, and tight. Almost any action you do has a weight and feel that gives a satisfying feedback. The inclusion of the “Glory Kill” mechanic rewards players with health on a melee attack of an enemy that is flashing orange. The great thing about this mechanic is that it gives increased health drops on tougher enemies as well when the player is on lower health. It gives a frantic pace to many of the arena like areas you will be in on Mars and in Hell. You jump, shoot, and tear your way through the forces of Hell with shotguns, laser rifles, and rockets that have several different upgrade paths through the game. The functionality these upgrades provide pushed me to explore as much of the maps as I could to see what I could get for my newly acquired rocket launcher or chaingun. This kind of shooter is something that has been distinctly lacking in the genre of the modern military FPS.



While DOOM is an overall dark game, that doesn’t stop it from showing off some color from time to time. The palette is mainly mixed with varying shades of red for most of the game, considering the locations of Hell and Mars for the majority of the game. Although it isn’t afraid to mix in some blues and whites during the interior shootouts. The game itself was able to stay at 60fps 1080p with my setup and there were no major hiccups or lag that I had noticed. There are plenty of settings to customize your experience, ranging from shadows, to motion blur and bloom. The designs of the monsters still ring true to the earlier sprite incarnations of years passed, but bringing them up to a modern standard. Cacodemons, Hell Knights, and the other troops of hell all looked stunning, even when you were tearing through them with shotguns and chainsaws.



The music and sound effects in DOOM are nothing to write home about, they provide exactly what they need however. The weapons have satisfying shots, the glory kills give you that extra crunch of stomping in a demon’s head. The music is usually very quiet or nonexistent until you start an arena shoot out. When one of these begins you get a bassy, heavy metal soundtrack that melds perfectly with the deep booms and blasts of your weaponry.


Overall (Not an Average)

DOOM 2016 is a solid, well done shooter that brings the kinetic pace to the FPS where it belongs. The multiplayer modes may be a bit lacking when it comes to the overall gameplay experience, but the heart and soul of this game comes in the satisfying, pulse pounding single player campaign. It may not have the most flashy, set piece moments like a Call of Duty, or Halo, but DOOM 2016 delivers where it’s needed most, providing the player a satisfying and enjoyable campaign that you will want to play through again.


The Review
The Story 6/10
The Gameplay 8/10
Graphics 9/10
The Audio 8/10
Overall (Not an Average) 8/10