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Star Trek Beyond was easily the most underappreciated summer film of the year. The film was a true Star Trek film in all of the best ways mixed with a modern approach to action and adventure. It had the awe of space travel, the humor, the character chemistry, and the drama. Now you can do your own Jaylah makeup thanks to the wizards behind the movie! Jaylah is a new character to the franchise that brought a vibrant burst of fum and energy to the series, along with being an eye catching character design! Check out this great “how to” video and get moving on your own spin on this fun Trek character!

If you want to get a feel of Jaylah’s mannerisms to do a true cosplay check out Star Trek Beyond now on digital HD and grab a copy on blu-ray November 1st to see all of the behind the scenes goodness along with owning the movie in the absolute best viewing experience.