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We were fans of the heist show Leverage so of course our ears perk up when we hear something new coming from the creator of that series. The thing is, this isn’t something new, really. Technically Magnum, a sequel to the original Magnum P.I., will probably end up being something new, just trading on the previous franchise recognition. Magnum follows Lily, the original Magnum’s daughter as she takes over her Dad’s P.I. business and fights crime in Hawaii while dealing with a running mystery centered around her own mysterious past. Universal is producing the show for ABC who currently has a script deal for the pilot in place.

We’ve seen this over and over for years. Producers attempt to bring old franchises back and trade on the name sometimes truly owning the culture of the original series but most often just developing something new on top of the original name. The current trend seems to be pivoting back to bringing old movie brands back to life on TV with shows such as The Exorcist and Lethal weapon premiering this Fall.

There’s no word whether we will see the daughter of of Higgins in place here to yell at Lily when she wrecks the sports cars. There’s also no word whether the original Magnum, Tom Selleck will be involved.