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In the first season of Ash vs. The Evil Dead the titular hero could reference his first two outings against the evil dead but due to rights issues he was not allowed to discuss or reference his time traveling adventures from Ash vs. The Army of Darkness. During SDCC executive producer Rob Tapert revealed to IGN that the legal issues have been overcome and that Ash’s time traveling adventure would become a part of the TV series lore starting with the upcoming season 2. As you might expect Tapert hints that when Ash shares his adventure with his cohorts they most likely will not believe him. It’s great to see that the entire Ash universe will finally all be connected. We enjoyed season one but the episodes were so short and light on story that it felt like a web series to us. We are hoping that the promised bigger and bloodier season to come will feel just a little more like a complete series with as much story as this kind of thing requires.

Season 2 premieres on Starz in October.