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Marvel announced that a Captain Marvel movie would be made back in 2014 but very little else has been revealed. That all changes now with the announcement at SDCC 2016 that Brie Larson will play the super hero. Larson is someone I know little about because she hasn’t appeared in anything that is on my radar. Sure, she’s blonde and as far as looks, she’s on the skinny side for playing a character that traditionally was a bit more curvy in the comics. That’s a fairly mundane point though. No director has been attached to the project yet but IMDB tells us that Meg Lefauve is penning the screenplay. LeFauve has most recently worked on Pixar projects The Good Dinosaur and Inside Out so she’s in the Disney family. It’s tough to tell if she’s a good pick for a super hero film even though Inside Out was a pretty great film. It’s also tough to tell if Larson will be successful as a super hero based on her previous work. We just have to trust the powers that be. They haven’t led us wrong yet. The Russo Brothers have hinted that Captain Marvel may make an appearance in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity Wars films they are currently working on. She can soon be seen in Kong: Skull Island so she’s getting into the genre thing in a big way.


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