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The original Wreck-It-Ralph was such a hit that a sequel seemed like a no brainer but now it is official from Disney. The film’s original creators are back for round 2 as is Ralph himself John C. Reilly. Disney has already set a release date of March 9th 2018 for the film. The creators say that Ralph will wreck the internet! This makes sense as gaming is an online experience these days. The original film saw Ralph determined to prove that he doesn’t have to be the villain in the game. In fact, he goes on a heroic mission! It’ll be interesting to see if the creators can bring us as poignant of a story this time around. The first Ralph easily played on nostalgia, which this sequel can do as well, but the main story had meaning and emotional impact. Hopefully the creators can achieve the same level of quality in story the second time around. we’ll see in March of 2018.