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A remake of the 1974 film Death Wish has been in the works for quite sometime. The original film starred Charles Bronson as a man taking revenge on every criminal in NYC for the rape and murder of his wife and child. The new film has Bruce Willis attached to take on the lead role and now gore hound Eli Roth is in the director’s chair. While Roth has been trying to move away from his grindhouse roots for a bit this choice does suggest a gritty film, probably at least in line with the original if not more gritty.

These sorts of films generally just don’t work the way they did in the 70’s. Nowadays people don’t even seem to be able to fantasize about simple revenge. Sure you should not do this for real, but it was once fun to fantasize about it and live vicariously through the acts of our on screen hero. On the other hand films such as The Equalizer found enough of an audience to make them successful. This remake should probably follow that path if it hopes to be successful on that level. Now, with that said, we’d rather see it go the route of Green Room.

The film now has Eli Roth behind the camera, Bruce Willis in the lead role, and writers from American crime story penning the script so it is officially a film to keep an eye on!