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At a recent press day on the set of the Justice League film the project’s producers revealed that the once two part film will now be a single film, no part one and part two. Director Zack Snyder was still cagey about whether the film will end with a cliffhanger. Could this be a single film now in order to make way for a new director for the next Justice League installments? One thing was clear to the journalists in attendance: this film will be tonally lighter and feature more Marvel style humor. Of course no one involved would dare reference the “M” word but the humor that has been revealed in the scenes that were shown during the press junket seems more in line with Marvle than the previous campy attempts at humor in the DC universe. Both Justice League films still have release dates with the first film hitting in November of this year and the second one coming in June 2019.

Another reveal coming from that press day is that Ben Affleck is not yet happy with the script for the first of his solo Batman films. He shared that his timetable follows the “when it’s ready” plan. He says he won’t start the film until he sees a good script. We can still cross our fingers that this franchise can be resurrected can’t we?