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On June 14th travel with the crew of the USS Enterprise in full 4k! Paramount Pictures makes the leap to blu-ray 4K with the JJ Abrams reinvention of Star Trek and the sequel Star Trek: Into darkness. These two releases coincide with the franchise’s 50th anniversary. A lot of attention has been given to the fact that the resolution is four times that of standard HD but Paramount highlights in their press release the important fact that the number of colors available with 4k is doubled and the high dynamic technology utilized in the mastering process features more shades of these colors too. The result is even more lifelike images. The audio has also been remixed in the new Dolby Atmos format specifically targeted to home theater experiences.


Both releases are packaged in a combo pack with the UHD 4K disc, a standard blu-ray disc, and a digital copy. Star Trek also comes with an additional blu-ray disc of bonus features. Star Trek: Into Darkness is presented in teh original IMAX format and also comes with an additional disc of bonus features. You get regular blu-rays of the films in case you haven’t quite moved to the new 4K TV’s yet. Look for more information on upcoming 4K releases from Paramount soon!