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There was a time when there were great daily and Saturday cartoons. Many of these cartoons didn’t make sense but it just didn’t matter to the eight year old boy who loved the idea of giant robot lions that could combine to make an even more giant sword wielding machine driven by five young pilots. Those were the days. Thanks to Netflix and Dreamworks Animation those days are coming back with an all new Voltron: Legendary Defender television series! Some of those old shows just don’t hold up to modern scrutiny. I haven’t seenĀ  Voltron in many years so I don’t know how that show fares. That eight year old boy inside of me is really excited to see this new Voltron series. Will it have some built in appeal for those that grew up with the show or will it simply be a show for the little ones? I’m hoping there will be something there for those of us that remember the original and are all grown up now. The creators do promise a more fleshed out universe and characters with depth that evolve over the course of the series so it sounds like there will be some meat on the bone along with all of the over the top action. The first season of the new show is set to hit the Netflix streaming service on June 10th, so we have a while to wait.

In the meantime take a look at this brief teaser for the new series and some stills!