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burnt blu ray

Director: John Wells
Starring: Bradley Copper, Sienna Miller, Daniel Bruhl, Emma Thompson

When first posed with the opportunity to review this film, I immediately jumped on it for two reasons, Bradley Cooper, and it was a movie I never knew existed. How did that happen? With it being a fairly new film, it was just shocking that I never saw advertisements or any press, especially with the well rounded cast of A-listers. Regardless, I obviously missed a great theatrical experience, but am truly blessed to have gotten to see this film. And there is no doubt this movie would have made my Top Ten Lists of 2015.

The Movie

Paris is no doubt a mecca in culinary prestige. Burnt is a movie that highlights this topic as well as explores a character, Adam Jones, played by Bradley Cooper, trying to live up to the perfection he is most known for. This is a harder tasks then is realized, for we all know as humans we are not perfect. Sometimes our past haunts us, sometimes are mindset blocks us. Most times we need help, but we don’t know how to accept it. Mr. Jones is a god in the Paris cooking scene and the only thing that would immortalize him is that third Michelin Star. This is the premise of his story, this is his only goal, his only purpose. Back in the day Adam Jones was the top of his game but as with most genius’s there comes a period of failure, a period of hardship. Adam’s hardship came in the form of substance abuse, through this he lost his credibility. He burnt bridges, as well as his career. His name ultimately has got him by, and when he finds himself clean and owing a ton of money he returns to the cooking scene. Recruiting some of the most talented chefs he knows he sets out to gain back his recognition and achieve his life long goal. Tensions are always high in his kitchen, his ego and over analytical ways make it difficult to work with. His fellow chefs are constantly being tested throughout the story with his attitude and overall perfectionism, but they all stay by because Adam Jones is the one all chefs in Paris strive to be with and learn from. One scene in particular, I will call it “if it’s not perfect, its garbage”, really zones in on the kitchen environment and the craftsmanship and hardships that go behind the scenes to create an upscale dining experience. Emma Thompson plays Adams what I deemed guiding light therapist, and Sienna Miller plays a fellow chef sort of Adams apprentice/ love interests. This movie is a multi faceted film which tells a story about losses and gains, a character study on creative minds, and a look into a world not often thought about, the professional kitchen.


The Package and Video

Burnt comes in a standard blu ray disc with hard case. There is even a digital HD copy of the movie within the case to allow access on your portable electronic devices. The cover art is simple and stunning and showcases the cast. The film itself is shown in a widescreen format, is Rated R (mostly from the occasional colorful language and story content… drugs, violence, tension), it is also about 1hr 40 min long but it flows so well. The camera angles really enhance this film and I am amazed at the emotion and power of a lot of scenes in this movie. While yes the acting has a lot to do with it there were some moments based off camera shots that truly set the mood. The ending sequence which was mostly walking and action shots within the kitchen really was just mesmerizing.


The Audio

Unlike some of my co-contributors to Cuturesmash, I am not so technically knowledgeable when it comes to audio or video quality. I do know that the film is shown in English DTSHD 5.1, and in Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1. This like to most means nothing to me. I can say that the audio in my terms was clear and there was no back sound/reverb or any distortion that would have distracted from the story. The musical element to majority of the scenes was simply exquisite. The kitchen scenes especially when the characters were under pressure to produce a meal, like omg words would not do it justice. When it seemed like Bradley Coppers character was at a breaking point and he was walking on the bridge just like all was lost was just so powerful soul grabbing. The music and sounds just heightened the movies experience. Im so sad I missed this movie in theaters.


Special Features And Extras

Some extra to this disc included Spanish subtitles which would be great if I new how to speak Spanish, also English subtitles for the hearing impaired. The Special Features for me were the weakest of part the disc, not that they were bad but commentary tend to be a lil dry and boring. Deleted scenes were ok, but did nothing to add or take away from my film opinion. I thought is was so cool that Mr. Cooper took some culinary classes so he could actually do the techniques. Everyone who worked on this film you could tell had a great passion and interest in it.


Overall (not an average)

This was a movie I had no idea what to expect. Giving my general knowledge of the cast and their previous cinematic records I knew it would be good, but I never expected it to capture my attention the way it did. The title itself, “Burnt” is so significant in so many meanings both within the kitchen and within life. I found the characters to be super relatable, the acting was very well done, the sound and visual components were just on point and really combined together to just send this movie of the top in my book. I highly recommend that you buy and share this film.


The Review
The Movie 9/10
The Package and Video 9/10
The Audio 10/10
Special Features and Extras 6/10
Overall (not an average) 8.5/10