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A short film should be a pleasant escape, a captive storytelling experience that makes its points and leaves you wanting more or completes a personal thought. There is an art to making a short film and it takes a special person or people to accomplish a career making these art forms. Two brothers,The Quay twins, have been internationally and critical acclaimed for their storytelling abilities. Known mostly for their many short films involving stop motion animation, they have found a style that gives somewhat of a social commentary to the world we live in. The Quay Brothers: Collected Short Films is the compilation of 15 short films from 1984-2013, as well as a short by Christopher Nolan called Quay, which gives a glimpse into the minds of the Quay brothers.

The Package and Video (8/10)

This video disc packaging in my opinion, is the best thing about the whole project. Simple and sleek the artistry of the disc sleeve, which is tri-fold, is stunning and appealing to the eye. It gives a Tim Burton feel to eye and mind, which is accurate in the type of work the Quay Brothers create. You open the disc container and it gives you the list of the short films as well and information of time and credits to each film. Absolutely well organized and visually appealing, it makes you excited to pull out the disc and watch. With 255 minutes worth of footage, 16 short films overall, the video was clear. The blu-ray quality was obviously present.

The Audio (7/10)

Audio throughout the collection was clear and well mastered. Unfortunately it did not help with the overall perception of the short films. There were beautiful compositions for each story but there was no added capture to draw you into the stories. For the few short films with dialogue, I found the speech very monotonous and made it easy to fall asleep too.

The Special Effects And Extras (5/10)

The Special effects of the short films were the amazing stop motion of majority of them. Movement of objects such as puppets, dolls, etc. was very well done. As far as extras or special features, the only thing in this disc was the commentaries from the Quay brothers themselves. It would have been better in my opinion to have their commentaries in a subtitle format whilst the films played. Personally I would have got a better understanding for the meaning of each film the first time I watched them. Going back and watching with the audio commentary was too late for me, I had no interest in knowing.

Overall (3/10)

As much as I tried to examine this collection, I found it rather difficult to be interested and appealed by. It literally took two weeks to make it through the entire compilation and another week to get through it with the commentary. The most interesting short of all was “Anamorphosis” which showcased the art of illusion and visual distortion to show different aspects of paintings and the many symbols that can lie within a simple piece of art. The Quay brothers showed this technique in many of their short films, which for me was the best part of each story, but it still did not explain the plot behind each short. If you are a very art driven, symbolistic person you will probably most likely like this collection. The Christopher Nolan short “Quay” was a good piece as well, I found that looking at the brothers from this point of view was very enlightening and I admired the passion these guys have for their work. As they stated they are drawn to the creation of this different universe they have created. Once again, unfortunately I was not attracted to this universe, however I highly appreciate the work and the artistry it took to make these short films.