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Every single year, i struggle to come up with a list of things that interest me when it comes to tech things, and i believe i have found out why. Whenever i want a certain item, instead of putting it on some sort of wish list for friends or family, i just go out and purchase said item. Unfortunatley when my friends/family ask for what i would like for either my birthday or Christmas lists, i also say “i dunno”. So with that being said, instead of listing things that are cool, im going to list items that i personally own, and can give a full recommendation to.

1. Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD


Recently in August of this year, i went ahead and went all out in creating my own custom computer, complete with a water-cooled CPU and a GTX 980 ti GPU. Final tally, after some serious issues with the computer build, had it well over $3000, but that’s not the point today. This baby is a Samsung 250GB SSD that is completely kick-ass, and is something that i’ll always have in any system from now on. The differences between having your system boot from a normal HD to SSD is insane, and its worth the price!

2. LG 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV


Alright, so i might be cheating with this choice, but whatever. So i technically dont own this just yet, so you can put this on my wishlist, but after moving into an apartment for the first time, just recently I’ve had to make a lot of decisions when it comes to interior decorating. What I’m trying to say is that i need a TV, and for a 4k TV to be priced this low, its no question that its worth trying, even if i did just “poo-poo” 4k just a few weeks ago. I cant wait to see what blu ray looks like on this!

3. Frictional Games S.O.M.A


So I was, and still am, planning on doing a full review on this game, but me being the king of procrastination still hasn’t gotten around to writing it just yet, so that this as my recommendation for it. Ive been a fan of Frictional Games ever since i first played Amnesia The Dark Decent back in 2010, and have eagerly been awaiting their next game to make me completely poo my pants. This game, while not being strictly horror, still was able to accomplish this and tell a compelling story. Don’t drink the Structure Gel.

4. The Complete Lady Snowblood Blu-ray (Criterion Collection Edition)


Every year i have a blu ray somewhere on my list, and this year is no exception. While this technically isnt getting released till early January, this is a must have for film fans. For those not in the know, one may find similar shots and imagry in such films as Kill Bill, since it was heavily inspired by it. Lady Snowblood is a classic 70’s grindhouse J-cinema that Criterion is releasing. Complete with a brand new 2k restoration and loss-less Monaural audio, all the care and attention appears to be correct in assuming that this will be the definitive release. Need i honestly say more?

5. Onkyo HT-S5600 7.1-Channel Home Theater Receiver/Speaker Package


Again this might be cheating, but if there is one thing that ive learned over the past couple of years of having one, its that having a full surround sound theater is what separates the men from the boys in terms of having a beast of a home theater. With the release of Mad Max: Fury Road on blu ray a few months ago, it fully convinced me that i need to start saving up for a full 7.1 home theater, where Dolby Atmos mixes and run free and have my neighbors kicking the floor wanting me to tone it down. While i do have a 5.1 currently that is incredibly badass, its time for the next step in the home theater for me. Just get it, you can thank me later for bringing your films to life later.