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South Park 18

Created by and Starring: Trey Parker and Matt Stone

Trey and Matt just won’t stop, will they? It’s kind of hard to believe that the creative geniuses behind Comedy Central’s cornerstone of programming, South Park, have now created 18 seasons! Seriously… 18 seasons. The only fictional shows that surpass that is The Simpsons, Sesame Street, Gunsmoke, and Dr. Who!!! And honestly, who would have thought that the adventures of four foul mouthed boys in South Park, CO, would become one of the greatest pieces of social satire around today? I’m serious here, folks, I look to South Park just as much as Daily Show or even Saturday Night Live to get my news. And yes, I said it. I know that you all look to satire to get your news as well, folks.

The Series

Although Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman should be around 27 years old, they remain as young and as precocious as ever! This season does not disappoint with jokes still as biting and edgy as ever. I could #REHASH every episode but instead I’ll give you some of my favorites.
First, “Gluten Free Ebola.” Man, even the title is incredible. Obviously, this is an episode poking fun at all of those who are taking gluten out of their diet just to be healthier. Now, I have a cousin with Celiac’s Disease, and so I know that there are indeed people out there with a severe gluten allergy. But me? I can have gluten in moderation and be fine… as can most of the population, in moderation. The great part of this episode is when the scientists describe how gluten affects your system. One of the scientists distills the plant protein down to it’s very essence and eats it. Then, his penis literally shot off of his body like a rocket ship. HA! Guess I’m glad that I’m a carb-oholic with lady parts instead of male genitalia.

And the penis jokes do not stop at that episode. Nope. Another episode entitled “Cock Magic,” is a bright, shining moment for Stan’s dad. The boys get into the card game “Magic: the Gathering,” and eventually into “Cock Magic,” or roosters playing “Magic: the Gathering” against other roosters, a play on Cock Fighting. But Stan’s dad thinks that this new trend of “Cock Magic” is illusions done with his penis. The result is something inbetween Phil Dunphee and Daniel Tosh.

Then, we have the season finale, “#HAPPYHOLOGRAMS.” Now, one thing about this season, that I haven’t really seen as much before, is that the series is becoming less and less compartmentalized, meaning that every show builds upon the next, making “#HAPPYHOLOGRAMS” the culmination of nearly every joke of the season. Obviously a Holiday episode, the boys are roped into doing a Holiday special with many guest stars and holograms of famous stars including Lorde. Oh, and did I mention that Stan’s dad is actually Lorde? Yep, he just thrashes about in a long black dress singing, “Lorde, Lorde, I am Lorde.” And at one point they send Tupac’s hologram out to kill Michael Jackson’s hologram. If this sounds wildly ridiculous and entertaining, it totally is. The whole season is.


The Video

Digitally mastered for Blu-Ray, I must admit that the boys look crisp, clear, and better than ever. Although, the picture isn’t really anything to write home about, I didn’t find any weird kinks or quirks in the video itself. The animation has also become so much better over the years. Trey and Matt have done a superb job of keeping that same style of stop and go animation that they are so well known for, while adding in the newer 3D-looking animation techniques of today.


The Audio

Great audio in the entire season. I wish that they would have put some of their signature original songs in this season, but there are so many parodies of real songs that I hardly missed it. Although I am nitpicking, after 18 seasons… you need to step it up a couple of notches!


The Packaging and Bonus Features

It’s not everything that I’ve come to expect from these packages. Don’t get me wrong. The packaging is nice. South Park has a way of packaging to make everything uniform while keeping each season looking different. I was a little surprised to just see two discs, but that’s probably because I’m used to getting the DVDs, which can’t hold as much information as Blu-Ray discs.
The bonus features are where I find this packaging a little lack-luster. Although you do get a couple of audio commentaries and the deleted scenes from this season, there’s not much else. A new fun add this season was the “Social Commentary,” where it looks like during each episode that you get a live twitter feed on the bottom of the screen for fun little bites of information about each episode. It almost felt like “Pop Up Video” from VH1 back in the day, which I really miss. This has some good features, but I’m always wishing for more I suppose.


Overall (Not an Average)

A really fun watch for any South Park fan, but sadly, I don’t think that the actual discs are worth it. There aren’t many bonus features to entice you to actually buy the discs. Honestly, you could watch online and get the same experience, BUT again, this season is must watch for everyone.


The Review
The Series 10/10
The Video 9/10
The Audio 8.5/10
The Packaging and Bonus Features 8/10
Overall (Not an Average) 8.5/10