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It’s that time of year again. That time of year that fills you with hope, joy, and a sense of belonging. No, I’m not talking about the release of the newest Star Wars film. I’m talking about the Holiday Season, whichever holiday you celebrate and want to put on your Starbucks coffee cup. Here is a list of some great gifts to get your loved ones this holiday season.


1. Once Again It’s Christmas by Kenny Rogers
Being one of the only music writers on staff at CultureSmash.tv, I feel it’s my obligation to pursue through the holiday albums of the new year and figure out who is the cream of the crop. This year, it’s none other than Kenny “The Gambler” Rogers. Normally, I would skip over this album, but it got so many good reviews that I had to give it a listen. And it IS a sweet little country gem. Once Again It’s Christmas is a good ol’ country Christmas album, with loads of special guest appearances. My favorites are a sweet duet between Rogers and Alison Kraus singing “Some Children See Him” and a groovy and fun accapella track with Home Free called “Children, Go Where I Send Thee.” This album makes this Tennessee girl believe in Country Music again, and THAT’S a Christmas miracle!



2. Walt Disney World Resort Monorail Play Set
Some people like to put a play train around their Christmas tree. I, on the other hand, would like something a little… different. What I want around my Christmas tree this year is an official Walt Disney World Resort Monorail Play Set. The Monorail is an inter-park transportation system that was supposed to be the “Train of Tomorrow.” Now, it’s a sweet reminder of what Walt invented and a piece of nostalgia every Disney kid and kid at heart loves. With lots of track, a train that moves forward and back and working lights, and 8 miniature characters including Mickey, Minnie, Lilo, and Stitch, the only thing that I’m missing from the whole thing is a warning to “Stand Clear of the Doors” in English and in Spanish!



3. Death Star Waffle Iron
Now every breakfast when you wake up, you can destroy your very own Death Star. And when I say destroy, I mean, savagely consume a delicious waffle shaped like a Death Star. This is the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan… and if they love breakfast, then you most certainly have found the most perfect gift for that special someone in your life. My opinion? Make red velvet waffles so that you can see the evil empire BLEED as you eat it! MUAHAHAHA!


4. Rocky Horror Picture Show: 40th Anniversary Collector’s Edition
You might think that it’s a little inappropriate that I would want a Halloween movie for Christmas, but I am what I am. Rocky Horror Picture Show is a cult classic film that garners the most attention because of it’s live viewings where actors stand in front of the stage and reenact the film while patrons dress up as their favorite character and yell and throw things at the screen. This special Collector’s Edition of the Cult Classic Film is one of the best packages that I’ve EVER seen! With the DVDs you get both the US and the UK versions of the film, audio commentary by Richard O’Brien (Riff Raff) and Patricia Quinn (Magenta), Alternate B&W Opening, Alternate Credit Ending and Misprint Ending, and LOADS more. What am I looking forward to the most with all of this media? The Midnight Experience! It is described as, “ The Late-Night, Double-Feature, Picture-in-Picture Show, Vintage Callback Track (unrated); Prop Box; Trivia Track; and Rocky-oke! In the “Prop Box” there seems to be a pair of Frankenfruiter’s gloves and a pair of fishnet stockings. Dammit, Janet, I need one of these!



5. The Artiphone
It’s a keyboard, it’s a guitar… no wait, it’s an Artiphone! And the Artiphone is literally the coolest musical gadget I have EVER seen! The Artiphone boasts being able to be played as ANY musical instrument from a violin to a drumset, and makes loops that would make any hip hop producer proud. And being an EDM artist, this thing is a dream come true. Now, I will say that you can only pre-order the Kickstarter funded project, but it will ship by early 2016. The price is even decently low considering what all you get, but this isn’t going to be a mere toy for someone just looking to fiddle around with a fun little music gadget. This is MY Tickle-Me-Elmo.