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It’s that time of year again, when all the cool stuff is in stores both brick and mortar and online and we want to give it all and get it too! Each of the writers here at CultureSmash has assembled a list of the things we’d most like to give and get this holiday season! Throughout this week you’ll get a complete hand crafted gift list with each writer here at the site giving their five greatest gifts of the year! Buckle up, here we go!

Captain America Hoody
Now this one takes a little geek confidence to wear outside of a convention or costume party but we believe you can do it! This warm hoody is a costume replica of the iconic Cap costume, especially when zipped up. The cherry on top is that when the hood is pilled on it slips all the way down over the face to become caps mask! It’s warm and it’s nerd cool, so why not?

Mad Max Anthology Blu-Ray Collection
I love getting mad with Max in this cool blu-ray collection. Most importantly this set includes the original three Mad Max films but you also get the new Mad Max Fury Road! Along with the four films a feature length documentary about Max is included to get behind the franchise. Finally there are art cards and plenty of bonus features for the four films.

Air Hogs Millennium Falcon quad Drone
Ok seriously, it’s a Millennium Falcon drone, what more do you say? The four rotors are concealed inside the ships body giving you all of the control of a quad copter while retaining the look of the iconic ship. The Falcon cal fly up to 200 feet away from the remote! I’ve dreamed of flying that ship since I was old enough to know what a dream is! To get to fly the old girl for less than a hundred bucks is a steal.

Sphero App Enabled BB-8
BB-8 is a new droid featured in Star Wars The Force Awakens, as if you didn’t know. He’s cute, his round shape and how he moves is fascinating. When he was first revealed many fans insisted that he had to be a CGI character. Well now for $150 we can have our own remote controlled BB-8 that moves and acts just like the real one i the films! He is of course scaled down from the size in the movie. He’s small enough that take to work and make trouble for co-workers which makes this an obvious want!

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 Collection
This collection begins with Iron Man 3 and ends with Avengers 2. Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America Winter Soldier are also in the box. The Marvel shared unierse adventures continue and they are packaged in a beautiful box shaped like the Morag orb from Guardians of the Galaxy. There are a total of 13 discs in this collection including the movies and bonus feature discs. Along with the blu-rays is a great collection of memorabilia including uniform patches, drawings, a gold foiled page from the book of elves and much more. This is probably as close as I want to get to having an actual infinity stone in my house, I mean seriously!