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Well technically most of us have already bought those expensive IMAX 3D tickets for Star Wars but hey it still counts as a December expense. Marvel has announced today that the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two Limited Edition Collection will be released one week prior to the Star Wars premiere! So with this set going for $240.00 December will indeed be a pricey moth, but an exciting one! The 13 disc set includes all of the phase 2 films starting with Iron Man 3 and ending with Ant Man. Each film will have it’s on disc, some in 2D and 3D and there will be an additional disc exclusive to this set with over 166 minutes of additional supplementary content. The bonus features include all of the phase 2 one-shots too!

This set is packaged with an orb containing one of the infinity stones! You may recognize this orb from Guardians of the Galaxy. Linke the phase one set there will be lots of printed stuff in the package too including a replica of the Toby Stark tattoo from Iron Man 3, a page from the elvish book from Thor The Dark World, SHIELD patches and much more!

You can pre-order the limited set now here! It hits stores on December 8th!