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Have you been listening or watching the CultureSmash Cast? We aren’t a breaking news kind of show. The CultureSmash Cast is all about commentary and silliness. we cover everything from Avatar to Zebra Man; movies, music, games, gadgets, TV, and comics. If it’s geeky pop culture we are all in it and usually with some humor or some anger!! You can subscribe to our show via iTunes or Stitcher Radio for audio or YouTube for video! If you have a Google Plus account you can even join the show live on video! Just add us to your Google Plus Circles and you’ll get an invite every week between 6 and 7pm Central Wednesdays to join the show! In the meantime, checkout these recent shows!

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CultureSmash Cast Episode 365

CultureSmash Cast Episode 366: I’m Outta Springfield, I’m back in Springfield!

CultureSmash Cast Episode 367: SDCC Bitches!

CultureSmash Cast Episode 368: Butt Jewelry Day!