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So to say the big N is giving up on games for a sleep machine is well, trolling but we own that. The Japanese company has announced a new initiative focused on quality of life though, and they’ve filed a patent for a sleep machine that falls right into that new initiative. The machine is about the size of a large bedside alarm clock. This sleep monitor features a st of speakers, a ceiling projector, and a camera. It will monitor heart rate, temperature, and other information along with possibly sound and visual cues from the sleeper. The information it collects is supposed to inform the device of the sleeper’s emotional status. Then apparently a combination of projections and sounds will help balance the sleeper’s emotional state and allow for a better night’s sleep. Nintendo hasn’t specifically said what the device is in the picture that is connected to the device. It appears to be a phone but it could be a Nintendo device. It seems a little wacky but it’s real!