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While promoting her latest film, Trainwreck, comedian Amy Schumer did some provocative pictures for GQ Magazine involving our favorite space opera droids. The pictures feature Schumer with C3PO’s finger in her mouth while dressed in the world’s most well known metal bikini, in provocative poses with both 3PO and R2D2, and doing something with a lightsaber you aren’t soon to forget. Many fans are in an uproar about these pics and Disney and Lucasfilms are saying that the pics were taken without permission or involvement from the studios. The tweet from the Star Wars official Twitter account reads:

“Lucasfilm and Disney did not authorize, participate in or condone the inappropriate use of our characters in this manner.”

So how does this happen without the studio agreeing to the images? is this a publicity stunt by Lucasfilm that came off more risque than they expected? Normally we like our films on the edgy side but these pictures just don’t fit with the Star Wars brand. What do you think?