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Now that actor Tom Holland has been picked by Marvel and Sony to portray the webhead in the next iteration of the Spider-Man franchise he has also just become a part of the machine that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In an interview for the upcoming Ant-Man movie producer Kevin Fiege commented that Holland is expected on the set of Captain America Civil War in Atlanta immediately. Requiring his presence this early in production hints that his part in the Civil War story may be more than a simple cameo. So the question remains, what impact will the story he’s a part of in the Cap films have on the solo Spidey films. Part of the Sony/Marvel deal includes possible appearances by MCU characters in future Spidey films so it’s reasonable to think that the events of Civil War could easily impact the webslinger’s solo films.

Spidey joins nearly every other Marvel character in the upcoming “Captain America” film hitting theaters next year.