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This week’s blu-ray picks include a film that should have been the Wachowski’s return to greatness but ends up being their swansong to big budget filmmaking: Jupiter Ascending 2D and 3 D.
Jupiter Ascending 3D or 2D. The movie is sort of enjoyable because it’s beautiful to look at and it has plenty of unintentionally funny moments. Also of note is the highly successful Spongebob movie in both 2D and 3D flavors and a 20th anniversary edition of Apollo 13. Here are what we think are the best picks of the week:

Justified The Complete Final Season
The Spongebod Movie: Spongebob Out of Water 3D or 2D
Falling Skies Season Four
Apollo 13 20th Anniversary
The Wire The Complete Series
McFarland USA
1776 Director’s Cut Mastered in 4K