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Since the original Back to the Future film Staring Michael J. Fox was released pop culture fanatics have been obsessed with the idea of riding through the city on a hover-board. Finally, a Canadian software engineer has made our dreams come true, sort of. Catalin Alexandry Duru and his business partner have been working on their version of the hover-board for the last five years. Their current version of the hover-board isn’t as sleek as Marty McFly’s was. The board works with a propeller system. The developer says they were finally able to achieve success due to advancements in the propeller engine capabilities. Duru set a new world record for distance traveled on a hover-board to demonstrate his technology. He traveled just over 905 feet hovering above Lake Ouateau.

Check out the video:

While this is a good start we can still hope for the skateboard without wheels that we fell in love with in Back to the Future. Other creators are trying to achieve a look and feel closer to the movie using magnetic fields.