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It’s hard to believe that someone as goofy as Seth Rogan is attached to something as dark as Preacher. He along with writing partner Evan Golberg have been shepherding this project to TV. Preacher is a dark DC/Vertigo comic book series  that follows a small town preacher at the end of his faith that becomes imbued with power from the word of God. He and his girlfriend and a gang that includes a vampire get into some mischief. The series is quite controversial and dark with some dark humor but  not something you’d think Seth Rogam would be involved in. The Rogan and Goldberg are writing and directing the pilot for the TV series that will air on AMC, when production started Rogan tweeted this picture:


Now we finally get a real set picture, again from Rogan’s twitter feed. The image features Dominic Cooper as the Preacher and Ian Colletti as Arseface, one of his merry band. It’s hard to tell how a TV series will look from an image but the image looks appropriately dark and grim.Rogan and Golberg are writing and directing the pilot.


Let’s keep our fingers crossed on this one. The last time we saw Rogan connected to a comic book project was the Green Hornet and we all know how that came out. We can only go uphill from there, I hope.