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Star Wars Celebration is happening right now. If you aren’t aware Star Wars Celebration is a massive yearly convention dedicated to all things Star Wars. There’s no better place to reveal a new trailer for the JJ Abrams Star Wars film is there? Well, Lucasfilms agrees because they did just that! Take a look at the new trailer for Star Wars The Force Awakens before you read on. We’ve been waiting to see footage of familiar faces in a trailer for the new film and we are not disappointed. we get Luke Skywalker’s voice delivering an all too familiar dark monologue to what we can assume is a potential new Jedi. Mixed with some dark visuals to match the voice-over are some stunning action visuals that feel perfectly at home in the star Wars universe. The whole trailer ends with Han Solo, Harrison ford himself telling Chewbacca they’re home. This line begs the question; did something happen after Return of the Jedi that sent Han and the wookie off on a “solo” adventure? Where have they been if they haven’t been at home? All of this is early fanboy speculating but hey it gave us a little text to throw up along with this gorgeous and thrilling new trailer!