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In case you just drop by for reviews and such we thought we’d round out the week (fighting snow-pocalypse here in the south) by inviting you to become a part of our community by joining us on our weekly podcast! The show is available in both audio and video flavors and should you want to share your two cents it’s recorded live every week! To join us all you need to do is add CultureSmash to your circles on Google Plus and we will add you back. From then on you will receive an invitation to join us live on the show via Google Hangout every Wednesday around 7-ish central time. The shows are often ridiculous and just as often they feature hardcore pop culture debates! Each week we talk TV, movies, DVD/blu-ray, general pop culture, and utter weirdness! You can just listen or watch creepily in the shadows too if that’s your thing! We are on Youtube, Stitcher Radio for streaming and of course on iTunes! Here are the links:

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