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Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sinbad, Jake Loyd

Tis the holiday season and all across the land,
People are shopping, eating, and seeing movies brought to their very hands.
Some are naughty and some are nice,
Most of the time we watch these movies twice.
Sure we have our staples of course: A Christmas Story, Die Hard, and Home Alone;
But let’s think out of the box and watch some more, Merry Christmas HO HO HO!

Of course, there are all sorts of movies that are pretty standard to watch around the holidays, but there are those particular movies that entertain and teach some non standard Christmas messages. I have watched every year, since its 1996 premiere, a movie that stars the Terminator, the Genie , and the young Skywalker. That’s right, Jingle All Way, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sinbad, and Jake Loyd.

Jingle All The Way, is the story about two fathers who are in search of the widely popular toy, Turbo Man. Waiting till practically the last minute before Christmas, both men are after this one gift that will make their child’s Christmas the best Christmas ever. But just like the Grinch Stole Christmas, Turbo Man is so popular that consumers have bought and stolen Turbo Man off every toy shelf in the city. This is especially troubling for Howard (Arnold) who has been less then father of the year to Jamie ( Jake). But, alas Howard does find a Turbo Man, but then runs across Myron (Sinbad) who is also desperate for this hero figure. This leads to a constant showdown satire that makes this movie Jingle All The Way to one of my favorite non traditional movies.

Why is this a Christmas movie? Well one not only does it take place around Christmas, it also depicts the the centuries old lost message of this holiday. Christmas is about getting what you want….. Presents, presents, presents. Of course not , but this movie depicts just that. Do whatever it takes to get this present. Fist fight in public, chase your nemesis through the city, heck broadcast your epic battle during the Christmas Day Parade dressed as the iconic toys. Yep, all of these happen in this movie. So you will be sure to be laughing all the way through this film as well as discover a real meaning of Christmas, celebrate your family and loved ones and hold them near and dear all year round.

Every year I watch this film at the holidays to remind me of this message and, because it is a overall great movie that is not often thought about at the Holidays. So when the weather outside is rightful and when Santa Claus is coming to town. Grab this movie and have a merry good time.