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In a recent interview Jeb Whedon (brother of Avengers director Joss Whedon) confirmed that episodes of Agents of Shield will feature crossover content with the upcoming Marvel blockbuster Avengers: Age of Ultron. Jeb is a producer and writer for Agents of Shield. Previously Agents of Shield has crossed with Thor: The Dark World and Iron Man.

The previous crossovers were pretty minor cameo type situation with the exception of the fallout from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. That movie saw Shield all but destroyed so the show was forced to be reinvented. So the question is which sort of crossover are we getting with Age of Ultron? Will it be a cameo, a simple reference, or a major shift in the television series once again?

The reality may simply be that the crossover is an act of desperation. Even though most fans of the show say that it is a lot better after it changed at the end of season one the ratings continue to plumet in season two. The ratings are down a massive 40% from last year.

A big fear for fans of the Marvel movies is that all of these crossovers will begin to make the Marvel Universe to complex and intimidating for non comic book fans that just want to see a fun movie. If too many people stop watching the movies because they are afraid they won’t know what’s going on because they haven’t seen Agents of Shield and the end credits of six other movies the future of Marvel movies could be in jeopardy.

Another question is will this potential crossover make you give Agents of Shield another look?