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The holiday are supposed to be about giving but with so many cool gadgets and other pop culture goodness hitting store shelves it’s hard not to wanna get right? Oh am I being greedy? Well, yeah probably. I do like giving gifts though. The only difference is when I’m shopping for family and friends I might just add a little something to my wish list too. In case you are having trouble shopping for your favorite geek I’ll share my list with you. In no particular order here are my five holiday gift picks.

GoPro 4


The GoPro came on the scene and quickly became the de facto choice for action video recording. This camera is built to attach to a motorcycle helmet, a car dash, or even a parachute harness to record the action in HD glory. Version 4 features a touch screen with streamlined menus; 12mp still images, cinema quality video and HD audio. Like previous GoPro’s it’s super durable for use in extreme environments.

Fitbit Charge


Yes some geeks do like to workout, or at least monitor body activity. These wrist worn device monitors calories burn, steps taken, stairs climbed, and even sleep activity. The device also syncs wirelessly with a computer, ipad, or android device to record daily and weekly acrvity and ties that information to diet and other information to build a comprehensive workout plan for very little money.

AC/DC Rock or Bust


The world’s greatest and most successful hard rock band has released their 16th studio album and it’s as rockin’ as their fist. The band suffered through a lot of adversity this year but survived to release one of their most pop oriented albums in years.

Cold Steel Training Weapons


It pays to be ready for nearly any situation. We learn this from ninjas. Those badass dudes are always ready! ThinkGeek can help you be ready like a boss, a ninja boss, with these trzning weapons. Best of all you won’t chop off your arm while you train!

Pressy PB01 The Android Smart Button Compatible with Galaxy, HTC, and Nexus Smartphones


This little gadget plugs into the audio port of any Android phone and can be programmed to do any action available on the phone. It can open apps, take pictures, record video or audio, or do nearly anything else with one quick button press. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for any Android fanatic. Sorry iPhone no for you!