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San Juan (Second Edition)




San Juan is a card game based on the award winning Puerto Rico board game.  It’s a fast as satisfying play, where player choice forces other players to adjust their strategy without outright interfering with each other.  You race to get funds, score victory points, and build buildings in your city.  Buildings bend and play with the rules of the game, and help you achieve the three above task exponentially faster. My first edition copy of the game, that was well loved and often played, disappeared at some point in the last few years, and I find it hard to repurchase a game.  This new second edition print features The New Building expansion, and an all new bonus building, so it’s a good time to put it on the wish list.


Super Smash Bros. for WiiU



Every few years, I feel compelled to by Nintendo’s latest console release.  I then watch it get dusty as my other consoles get more attention, then I dust that puppy off for the latest Smash Bros. release, which in some ways, I understand less than the original system purchase.  While I can fumble my way through a game of most fighters, after 15 years and 3 releases, I still don’t understand how this game works.  My tactic is play 4 players, and try to stay out of the brawl until it’s just me and one other, hopefully weakened player.  Maybe it’s just the joy of seeing classic video game characters beat the snot out of each other.   So, here are again, 2 years after the release of the WiiU, and here comes Super Smash Bros. for WiiU, just in time for the holiday.  Joining the roster of mostly Nintendo characters is MegaMan and Pac-Man, which fills me with retro game geek glee.


Ghostbusters: Stay Puft Edition Super Deluxe Vinyl




What I’m really want for this holiday season is something that will both celebrate the 30th anniversary of one on my favorite films, and start a new hobby for me to throw hundreds of dollars at!  This sweet Ghostbusters special edition album should do nicely. The record contains Huey Lewis’s smash hit “I Want a New Drug” “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker, Jr. and Run-DMC’s Ghostbuster’s Rap from the second film. The puffy jacket insert shows Mr. Puff’s short shore leave on Manhattan Island. It even SMELLS LIKE MARSHMALLOWS!

The Simpsons Season 17 (Blu-Ray)




Even after sitting through hours of My Favorite Family during this year’s Every.Simpsons.Ever marathon, and even though I can stream any one of the shows 550+ episodes at any time through FFX’s Simpsons World app, I’m still going to have to add this to my Blu-ray collection that I’ve been actively scaling back on for years now.  The details on this release are not readily available, but I’ll enjoy kicking back with these episodes that I’ve probably seen at least twice, if only to listen to the commentaries which are often funny and give great back stories to the writing process of each episode!


Erlenmeyer Shot Glasses



Explore the science of getting drunk with these Erlenmeyer Shot Glasses. Measure out 25mL of your favorite spirit in one of the 4 shot glasses in this set.  It’s for science, so drink up, Poindexter!