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It should be noted that when it comes to myself and gifts, I am completely horrible at knowing what to give. Usually the best thing for me is to get a movie or a gift card, so with that being said, here’s my list.

1. Samurai Cop [Blu Ray]


“Officers! If you have anything against me, then book me! Otherwise, as they say, ‘get the hell out of my face!’”

All right, so starting off, this a film that everyone should have in his or her home. Samurai Cop is the little known film that is slowly gaining the attention of the underground market and for good reason. I first heard about this gem when Red Letter Media discussed it on one of their episodes and quickly went and saw it at a midnight screening when it came to town. The film is a complete blast and a hilarious experience that only gets better with re-watches.


2. The SOSCharger


If you’re anyone like me, you always tend to run of battery life at the least convenient of times (is there ever a convenient time?). With this product, you’ll never run out again, and that’s why I totally need it. It comes packed with an internal battery and a hand crank for when it runs out so you never run out of battery life again. I can think of several other people on this site that might need that…*cough* Stephen *cough*.


3. Batman: The Complete TV Series (limited edition)


And now, the must own blu ray set of this year: Batman. There is some part of me that does really enjoy all of these episodes, even the real bad ones (for a good laugh) but every part of me wants this set. The only real complaint I have with it is that it doesn’t contain a lossless audio track, but every episode has been restored and re-mastered, and also just LOOK at the set. Must. Have.


4. Game of Thrones – A Telltale Game Series


So let me get this straight: Telltale, the same guys that made The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, are now making a Game of Thrones point and click adventure game? And part one is coming out next month? SIGN ME UP. Though the price of 26.99 is a slight steep for what they usually put out (19.99 would have been perfect) there is no way in hell that I’m not getting this, and you should too. Valar Morghulis.


5. Pokemon: Heritage Collection


For the final item on this list, I bring you the ultimate dvd collectors item: The Pokemon Heritage Collection. This set contains all nine seasons of the pokemon show as well as all the films in a staggering fifty-four-disc set, housed in a giant pokeball that is hand painted. If you or anyone you know is a pokemon fan, this is simply a must buy. While I only like the first couple of seasons of the show, I wonder how this would look on my shelf…if it even fits on there.