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Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set

Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set


Ever wanted to be an Elven wizard or a Halfling rogue? Now’s your chance with the brand new Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set. With its easy-to-understand instructions and exciting adventure, the starter set is a fantastic entry for both new players who have never rolled a d20 and returning players wanting to try out the new fifth edition rule set.

Princess Mononoke Blu-Ray

Princess Mononoke


One of the greatest anime films is now on Blu-Ray state side. Directed by renowned director Hayao Miyazaki, the film follows the cursed warrior Ashitaka and wild woman San as they wade through the growing conflict of man’s industrialization and nature in a gorgeous cinematic masterpiece.


Han Solo in Carbonite Business Card Case

Han Solo Business Card Holder


If you want to stand out while handing out business cards, few things are as charming and roguish as Han Solo, and he can be your wingman with your own Han Solo in Carbonite Business Card Case. This all-metal business card case is heavy and spring-loaded, ready to launch your business cards into hyperdrive and into anyone’s hands.

Ready Player One

Ready Player One


We talked about this book being picked up for a movie earlier this year. Read it before the film undoubtedly cuts out a lot of the pop-culture references that makes it so relatable. Any fan of ‘80s and ‘90s gaming culture should definitely pick up this book, starring a geek like us who gets good at a video game and saves the day.

Backpack of Holding

backpack of holding


Need a place to store away all these gifts? Then toss them away in your Backpack of Holding and have room to spare for your robe and wizard hat. This snazzy canvas backpack from ThinkGeek comes with plenty of extra pouches and straps to allow for plenty of storage, and it’s emblazoned with a d20 dice logo just so everyone knows you mean business.