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Ten Halloween Costumes Sure to Befuddle and Impress even the Geekiest of Geeks

Halloween is fast approaching, but the big question on most everyone’s mind is: “What in the world am I going to be for Halloween?” I, for one, always have a hard time, especially considering I’m a girl. As they say in Mean Girls, “In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it. The hardcore girls just wear lingerie and some form of animal ears.” I like to go more of the humorous or intelligent route when it comes to costumes. I like to make people think a little more. And so, I have found and come up with, some costumes that are sure to impress your most discerning friends.

1. Captain (Insert Your Own Country)- A Play on Captain America

All you have to do is get a super hero suit and then make it for your own country. Don’t use America… use what country your ancestors came from- Captain UK, Captain Kenya, Captain Korea, or like this guy did, Captain Canada (who is indeed real, but laughable.) Use your imagination… and if you really want to give your friends a giggle, use a country that you very obviously could never be from. Just don’t pull a Julianne Hough and do black face.

Captain Canada

I hear that his super power is being super polite;)

2. The Kitty from The Big Bang Theory

“Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little Ball of Fur, Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty, Purr Purr Purr.” Any Big Bang Theory fan worth their salt, knows this priceless piece of poetry by heart, but making it into a costume earns you big points. Obviously, start with a cat costume, but you have to make sure to keep yourself furry and soft… and warm. Also, carry around a big pillow and paint a smile on your face and purr… a lot. If people still don’t get who you are, then write the lyrics to song on your belly. Surely, they’ll get it then!

Soft Kitty Costume

Well… this guy isn’t awkward

3. The Mockingjay from The Hunger Games

This costume can go one of two ways, you can either make yourself completely gold and be Katniss’s pin or make yourself blue to be a true Mockingjay. Either way, you’re going to have to start with either a blue or gold outfit, and for the wings, do what these girls did, with a twist. Start with a short cape and then place little U-shaped pieces of fabric along the cape to emulate feathers. Don’t forget a beak hat. And bonus points for either an arrow, a hoop, or whistling the theme all night long.


Touché girls, touché.

4. “Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas

Granted, I did steal this one from my brother, but it is a brilliant idea. Everyone knows the Academy Award winning song from the Disney classic, but how do we make this into an award winning costume. First you will need leaves, lots of them. Tie some to strings and to your costume and run so that they look like they are strewn around you. Then paint all over yourself… and keep paintbrushes so that you can paint all over everyone else. And there you have it; you are painting with all the colors of the wind.

Colors of the Wind

This boy DEFINITELY painted with all the colors of the wind this year.

5. The Elusive Diane from TV’s Twin Peaks

This one is especially perfect with the new season coming out. Special Agent Dale Cooper always monologues into his tape recorder to his unseen assistant, Diane. We never see Diane, and so the possibilities are endless. You could dress up as a little mousy and frumpy assistant or as a va-va-voom secretary. Either way, you need to have a rotary phone with you, dress the decade, and always complain about your crazy boss, Agent Cooper.

Frumpy Secretary

If you want to go more frumpy.

Sexy Secretary

If you wanna be sexy AND smart.

6. The Dancing Alien from Spaceballs parodying ALIEN

If you’re a sci-fi lover and hate Spaceballs, there’s something wrong with you! It’s such a fun and brilliantly made movie. Mel Brooks is one of the best film creators of all time. Anyways, there is a scene at the very end where Lone Star and Barf are in a diner, and a man starts to convulse, and they recreate the terrifying scene in ALIEN where an alien pops right out of the man’s stomach, but in a brilliant Brooks-ian twist, the alien dons a top hat and cane and sings “Hello My Baby” parodying the infamous Warner Brothers frog cartoon. Start with a silver or all black outfit, make an alien head, and don’t forget the top hat, cane, and song and dance.

Top Hat Alien

Send me a kiss by wire. Baby, my heart’s on fire!

7. The Twisted Disney Princesses

Who wants to be boring and do a regular Disney Princess costume, a slutty Disney Princess costume, or a zombie Disney Princess Costume? Instead, let these eerie illustrations be your guide. My personal faves? Ariel with a “dinglehopper” for a hand. Besides the fork for a hand, don a long green skirt, a purple bra, and LOTS of white makeup. Another of my favorites is Esmerelda, who’s face is half burned off by the fire. AND you can still do the whole scandalous gypsy outfit as well. But my personal favorite is Cinderella, as a scarecrow. You’re going to have to be a talented make up artist for this one, but add some straw coming out of your seams for extra creep factor, along with the signature blue dress.

Twisted Ariel

Twisted Cinderella

Twisted Esmeralda

Bonus points if you make this a group costume, and get your friends to be “twisted” with you.

8. The Dog From Silence of the Lambs

It IS Halloween, and Halloween IS scary. You might as well keep with the scary trend. From one of the creepiest movies of all time, we have the poor little dog from Silence of the Lambs who is the pet to the creepy serial killer who kidnaps larger women, starves them, and kills them to use their skins as a coats. Just dress up as a white poodle puppy but carry around a little basket with some lotion in it… people should eventually guess who you are. If not just scream out, “It puts the lotion on the skin,” and people will definitely get it.

Silence of the Lambs Dog

Lotion in the basket

Don’t make it get the hose again.

9. All of the Trees from Holiday World from The Nightmare Before Christmas

This has to be a group costume, but a fun one nonetheless. Everyone needs to dress in all brown and then carry some branches with leaves in their hands. The twist is that everyone needs their own holiday stamp on their belly as a door to each holiday world. Easy, but so much fun! Bonus points if you sing songs from your holiday all night.

Holiday World

What’s this? What’s this?

10. The dead little kid with the Teddy Bear from Breaking Bad

Every Breaking Bad fan remembers the iconic image of the teddy bear’s eye floating around in Walter White’s pool. And everyone thought, where the heck did that come from? Well, it begs to question even further, who did that one eyed teddy bear belong to? Dress up in your best preschool/toddler and zombie yourself up. Find a teddy bear and paint it pink (in fact, I think that they actually sell replicas of said teddy bear). This one is fool proof… might actually be doing this one myself this Halloween.

Breaking Bad Kid (1)

Brains, Brains, Baby Blue Meth, Brains!!

What is everyone else going to be for Halloween? Got better ideas than mine… or will you be using any of these? Let me know in the comments below.