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secret wars

Jonathan took over the Avengers books at Marvel and we all rejoiced. Sure the stories bogged down a little here and there but overall Hickman has told some pretty entertaining tales. The “World Incursion” thing we’re on now seems to have a point after the the big Marvel announcement at New York Comic-Con; it’s all leading to Secret Wars. The first Secret Wars back in 1984 was a milestone in comic book story arcs with a toy line even being developed just for the year long series. That story was the ultimate in fanboy pandering as it brought nearly every great hero and villain together on a far away planet to duke it out for survival. I was riveted to this series as a kid. Since then Secret Wars has traded on the name a bit but never realized the greatness of the original story (even if the ending was weak).

The world incursion story finds a group of Avengers trying to save our Earth by destroying others. Well, those Earth’s all have their own heroes too, so now it’s on! this feels more like DC Comics trying to riff on Secret Wars more than a legit Marvel secret Wars but even if that’s the case Jonathan Hickman is driving the ship so we’re in. The bad part is that this story doesn’t start until May 2015 so this world incursion thing in the Avengers is gonna get really long in the tooth.